Play For All Australia is a social enterprise which means that everything we do is a driven by our social mission: to create a world of play and belonging for all. We believe meaningful social inclusion can become the ‘new normal’ if we first solve for it within local community.

We do not currently receive any funding. We rely on the generosity of swing sponsors who share our vision to champion inclusive play across Australia.

Play For All Australia is a social enterprise (not a charity). By sponsoring a swing in your community you will be contributing to our mission to create a world of play and belonging for all.

Inclusive play is where all children have an opportunity to equitably participate in play regardless of their ability. Inclusive playgrounds generate experiences that can not only be accessed by all children and families but make them want to stay. They are able to participate in the play experience as a result of applying the principals of universal design and deploying inclusive playground equipment into a site. Play For All Australia is proud to be a contributing Advocacy group member of the NSW Inclusive Play Guideline – ‘Everyone Can Play’.

Accessibility means that, regardless of your ability, you can equally ‘access’ (get to and enter into, move in) a space whilst ‘inclusion’ is about how you feel and can equitably use a play space.

Play is a human right and the key to ensuring a child’s ongoing cognitive, emotional, social and physical development, regardless of their ability. It is how children learn, grow, express and understand themselves and the world around them. Play creates opportunities for families, parents and caregivers to connect with their child, and see the world from their perspective. Inclusive play means that all children and families have opportunities to engage with each other and develop their sense of belonging and social connection, factors vital to emotional, mental and physical well-being.

When each of us feel fully connected, accepted and included, we can contribute and participate to society in a more meaningful way. Positive social connections are proven to be protective to our physical and mental wellbeing because they provide a sense of support and belonging. Conversely, social exclusion leading to social isolation has been academically proven to be detrimental to health, equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Participation in everyday environments is vital to the health, development and quality of life of all children and families – regardless of ability. Research shows that when families of children with a disability ‘participate in community activities they are more likely to have support when problems occur, feel less isolated and also to have relationships that do not focus on their child’s differences’. In short, when everyone is included, we all benefit.

Social isolation has been academically proven to have the same detrimental impact on our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It starts with social exclusion and results in a person having limited opportunity for social exchange, connection and participation. When we are excluded or left out from our local community, we are at greater risk of health and social difficulties. This risk substantially increases if you have a disability or a child with a disability. Together we can help change this.

The first 1000 days are critical. The quality of experiences during the first 1000 days ‘establishes either  a strong or fragile foundation for everything that follows’. The community and physical environments children experience in their first 1000 days are proven to ‘shape their later life outcomes, for better or worse.’ Access to ‘green parklands and opportunities to learn through play’ are highlighted as one of seven key factors children need to thrive. These ‘physical environments have the power to affect multiple and concurrent health and wellbeing outcomes throughout their life time’.

Simply put – swinging is fun and the design of this high back seat can be used by all children 1-5 years, regardless of their ability. These early years are some of the most critical in any child’s development. Secondly, it can easily be deployed into the majority of existing playground swing sets – including pre-existing district and smaller local parks which make up the majority of parks across Australia. We have independently verified the play value of this product as fit for purpose, for all children.

This swing seat is made in Australia (by a third party manufacturer) to meet Australian standards. It has a seatbelt and lap chain system, and is rated up to 60kg. We have also independently verified the play value of this product through a longitudinal study commissioned with a council-run inclusive early childcare centre.

Councils have set budgets for maintenance and upgrades to existing playgrounds. So whilst a few swing seat upgrades would be reasonable, expecting councils to upgrade hundreds (or even thousands – as is the case across our country) becomes cost-prohibitive. By partnering with councils, communities and the generosity of local businesses we can all be part of the solution together – and help raise awareness about the importance of social inclusion at the same time.

The high back infant swing seat is designed for children 1-5 years and is rated up to 60kg.

Yes, the swing technology is safe to be around children. The technology inside the case consists of standard day-to-day advanced low power mobile phone component and a portable power bank that is TGA approved.  The case is RoHS Compliant.

All you need to find your battery pack’s watt-hours are two values: its mAh capacity and its voltage (V). Once you have those two units, multiply them together, divide them by 1000, and you’ve got watt-hours! Boiled down into a formula, this is what you’re left with.

(mAh * V)/1000 = Wh

If you end this calculation with 100 Wh or less, then you’ve got an air travel-friendly battery on your hands.

Based on this; our 10,000mAh power bank is 50 Wh.

Lid and base moulded in ABS, it is secured with security screws in IP65 case. Yes, it is safe from ‘casual’ vandals.

Yes, the technology is heat proof, it draws a low current designed for continuous operation over 30+ days. No, the technology would not overheat in normal outdoor temperature. The case is rated to have a temperature resistance of up to 85°C. The technology inside will shut itself if there is an over temperature sensed.

Yes, it is water or rain resistant. The technology components are enclosed in an IP65(suitable for outdoor use) case. They are protected from total dust ingress, and against pressure water jets from all directions.

Case is secured with 4 Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Security Screw. Tamper proof security screws incorporating a spigoted recess which virtually eliminates removal without use of the special matching tool. The special matching tool, T10R driver, can only be purchased through a specialized store and not from a general hardware shop.