Our motivation


Marcus was the son of Caroline and Tim, the co-founders of Play For All Australia, and the inspiration behind their mission to create a world of play and belonging for all.

Marcus passed away unexpectedly at the age of 12 in April 2019.

Marcus was a shining light and showed us and all those who knew him, how to view and understand the world differently. He taught us to see people first. Not as a condition. A label. Or a limitation. But as a human spirit – equal and full of spark, potential and possibility.

Marcus had a love for all movement – spinning, driving, wheeling , swimming and swinging. It was his freedom.

play it forward; In honour and memory of Marcus

Our legacy to Marcus is to deliver a positive impact to all families, especially those who have a child with a disability, and create inclusive play spaces where everyone is free to play and move.

Caroline & Tim